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Service Details

Pets that are approved for daycare or boarding will stay with Noelle in her home where a vet tech or assistant is with them 24 hours a day. This is crate-less boarding so dogs can sleep wherever they like; in the baskets lining the living room and bedroom, on the couches, or even on the bed if they are small (we don’t mind).

Please inquire about rates for birds or other caged pets. Boarding and daycare dogs receive a daily lengthy (1.5 hr minimum) walk during their stay as well as shorter morning and evening walks. Cats can have private rooms or can ‘mingle’ with the dogs if they are not afraid of them. Video of your pet is uploaded to Facebook daily or semi-daily so owners can view their pet regularly.

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dog boarding vancouver

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Cat Pricing
$30 / night
Dog Pricing DAYCARE
< 8 hrs

8-12 hrs

12-24 hrs
< 30 lbs $25 $30 $40
30-70 lbs $30 $35 $45
71-99 lbs $35 $40 $50
> 100 lbs $40 $45 $55

• Rates do not include applicable taxes.
• Every 10th consecutive day boarding is free.
• A 30% discount is applied for all additional pets (20% during peak periods).
• 15% is added to total service charge during Dec 1st – Jan 5th.
• If pick-up/drop-off is required an extra $20 each way within boundaries will be charged. Please contact us to inquire additional fees for your location.

Your application will be processed in less than 12 hours and we will contact you via the email you indicate.